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The Air Force and Energy Efficiency (DIEEEO22-2012)

On December 11, 2009, an energy efficiency plan was initiated for all Spanish government administration buildings, by virtue of the published Accord of the Board of Ministers. In addition, on March 9 of that year Directive 8/2009 was issued by the Secretary of State for Defense, thereby approving the New Plan for Cost Efficiency and Economy in the Defense Ministry. Following such decisions, the Spanish Air Force has shown commitment to these goals by applying all possible means to improve energy efficiency in its buildings and facilities, including its general headquarters, air bases, military airfields and Air Force quarters.
Based on facts and the analysis contained here, it is clear that the best path towards environmental sustainability in the Spanish Air Force will be forged through new energy-efficient technologies, energy awareness and availability of the necessary funding for this area.
The first part of this article contains a brief overview of the existing regulations in this area, followed by an explanation of the measures undertaken by the Spanish Air Force to optimize energy consumption (e.g., public-private collaborations and energy diversification, among others); the third part reviews possibilities of incorporating new energy-generating technologies in international operations; and lastly, the training and energy awareness of personnel is discussed.

Author: Manuel Torres Bonifacio



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The Air Force and Energy Efficiency
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