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The United States after austerity summit (DIEEEO44-2012)

Economic austerity has stressed the challenges of the NATO summit. U.S. spends less money on defense and is tired of its longest war. In Chicago it has set deadlines for withdrawal from Afghanistan in an orderly and safe despite the announcement of France. However, the Taliban jeopardize social gains and political viability of the country as well as an unstable nuclear Pakistan. Despite the restrictive budgets facing the EU countries and the Pentagon, the U.S. has managed to enter several allies on the concept of Smart Defense with drones and a missile defense system with U.S. technology in an initial phase, despite Russia's reluctance, that allow a withdrawal nuclear in Europe. Meanwhile, NATO extended its vision and becomes the hub of global security with 13 new partners that lets cooperate militarily, politically or financially in different parts of the world.

Author: Miguel ángel Benedicto Solsona

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The United States after austerity summit
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