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R + D + i in CBRN: Past and Future (DIEEEO77-2012)

After a brief summary of associated definitions to the words “Research”, “Development” and “Innovation”, it is pointed out the necessity of money investment in order to get “know-how”, and using it as payback route, the “development” would be the union key. It is underlined the need of generating new market for innovative products and of upgrading the social culture about innovation and business promotion.
The roles of R+D in the Armed Forces are to help the acquisition of capabilities and the increment of the technological level. Therefore is mandatory a decision about CBRN as priority technology for Spanish Defense Ministry.
The past of CBRN R+D in Spain was focused for acquisition of Reconnaissance on Armored Vehicles Capability, which was not available and the market did not offer reliable or improved technological alternatives, in a parallel process other projects went ahead for training and simulation, and other closer to the personal protection equipment and the chemical agents detection.
The future of R+D in CBRN, looks focused to the international collaboration under the frames of EDA and the 7ª Agreement of the E.U, in order to cover the capabilities gaps detected inside those organizations if they are coincident with the local ones. America is currently going through a great change. This change, however, is not a homogeneous one. Good governance in this region leads to stable countries. This occurs when there are weak paths to development because of the process´ difficult sustainability. Finally, this even happens when there are various interpretations, varying from country to country, about what democracy is about.

Author: Joaquín Baumela Navarro


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R & D + i in CBRN: Past and Future
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