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  • To promote discussion and analysis of new scenarios that affects our security and the doctrines and strategies to ensure it.
  • Transmit to society the evolution of the concept of national defense, directed today toward a new concept of collective security, integrated in a broader framework with our partners and allies, with whom we jointly defend a model of society and common values.
  • Raising the cultural level on Security and Defense of the Spanish society, intending for citizens to know the constitutional role of our armed forces and to fully assume the need for Spain of having a modern and efficient army.
  • To publicize the role that the armed forces play in favor of Spanish society, international contributions to the maintenance of peace, security and respect for human rights.
  • Disclose, in education, the armed forces and their active role in safeguarding peace, security and nationally and internationally, as one key element of his knowledge of the State.
  • Achieve the complete identification between the military and Spanish society through showing the add value of the work of its members.
  • Enhance the visibility and understanding of the armed forces and promoting institutional relations with other public statements.
  • Keep permanently identified parameters and motivations that determine the society degree of interest on to the global needs for defense, through sociological studies. 


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