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Opinion document: CSDP and the European Council a unique opportunity

The lack of a clear definition of the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) suggest a dubious image of the European Union (EU). The different positions of Member States (MS) in matters relating to security and defense and on the scope of the policy on these issues, have made impossible a consistent advancement of the CSDP. The highest authority of the EU is the European Council whose decisions have marked the development of the Union. The decisions of the meeting of December 2012 of the European Council produced great expectations about the future development of the CSDP. To allow this progress is necessary to establish the level of ambition of this policy and the basic principles on which must be seated. During 2013 various documents have been prepared for the European Council of December 2013 which will be mainly devoted to the CSDP. The most relevant of those documents appeared until the beginning of November and the expectations on the outcome of the already mentioned Council are presented and analyzed in this article.

Author: Federico Yaniz Velasco


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CSDP and the European Council a unique opportunity
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