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Palestine -Israel , the eternal conflict.- José A. Albentosa Vidal

There are almost 70 years since the conflict began between Palestinians and Israelis, and almost 25 since the start of the peace process, which has proved unsuccessful. The leader of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), Mahmoud Abbas, said two months ago at the UN General Assembly that his people have finally lost patience and no longer feel tied to the "Oslo accords" that were signed in Washington in September 1993, and where there were set the parameters to be the basis for the peace process and where the idea of "two states" emerged settled.
Unfortunately, the Palestinians are now worse off than when the agreements were signed 22 years ago, and the proposed solution of "two states" is further away than ever implemented. This has to force the warring parties and the international community to establish a new approach to end this endless conflict. But the two entities are being dominated by their radical factions, on the Israeli side by an increasingly nationalist ultra-Orthodox and extreme right, and the Palestinian Hamas, the Islamist movement which still calls for the destruction of the state of Israel and legitimate the violence to engage the occupation. Therefore, the resolution is not glimpsed this endless confrontation between two entities that are continuously fed back into violence and the exclusion of the other.

Author:  José A. Albentosa Vidal


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Palestine -Israel , the eternal conflict
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