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NATO's next Summit in Warsaw.- Francisco J. Ayuela Azcárate

Many of the issues to be discussed at the next NATO Summit in Warsaw have already been determined; others will be the subject of discussion in order to reach the decisions which will have to be made. The main debate will focus on the following issues: completing the work to move from reassurance to deterrence, identifying a balanced response to the current threats on the Eastern and Southern flanks, increasing cooperation between NATO and the EU, relations with Russia and the progress made on the commitments concerning defence investment formulated at the Wales Summit.

The Warsaw Summit will be judged mainly in relation to two essential issues: the detailed response to the Allies’ differing perceptions of the current strategic situation and the strength and credibility of the deterrent message sent. A clear, strong and balanced strategic response will ensure that the Alliance maintains its cohesion in the face of today’s important challenges and that the Summit is considered a success.

Author: Francisco J. Ayuela Azcárate


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NATO's next Summit in Warsaw
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