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  • "Brexit": implications for European security.- Shaun Riordan



"Brexit": implications for European security.- Shaun Riordan

The debate on Britain's possible departure from the European Union has so far focused on the economic consequences and immigration. Nevertheless the most serious consequences could be for International Security, both of Britain and Europe. The European Union would lose one of its strongest armed forces, as well as one of its nuclear powers and permanent members of the Security Council. Without an effective Common Defence and Security Policy, it would be even more dependent on NATO and the US to confront challenges like Russia, China, the Middle East. But the US is ever less willing to subsidize Europe's security. Outside the European Union, it would lose its role in Washington as the Anglo-Saxon voice in Europe. To maintain the "Special Relationship", Britain may need to reinforce its role as reliable military ally through increased military spending. Apart from these implications for International Security, the departure of Britain from the European Union would call into question the constitutional coherence of both the United Kingdom and Europe.

Author: Shaun Riordan


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"Brexit": implications for European security
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