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Cybercrime: Is terrorism future?.- Joaquín Ruiz Díaz

Today information is a valuable asset, the use of which can, objectively, be legal and legitimate, but it can also be used for criminal purposes, which has given rise to cybercrime, which may have a very significant cost in economic and security terms.

It is not only the private information of individuals or companies from all sectors of the economy or industry that circulates over the internet. Information belonging to states and public authorities, which, moreover, is often sensitive information or critical infrastructure and safety and defence systems control, also circulates over this immense global web.

For terrorists, knowledge and capture or control of this information and the resources that can be managed through it, constitute a threat to society that must be prevented and combatted, since the damage caused through its use by terrorists could mean a significant escalation of the threat that it may lead to attacks with unpredictable consequences, much more serious than any we have suffered so far.

We are witnessing a major transformation, not only in our ways of relating to one another individually, but also in the ways of settling disputes between states. In this sense, the new forms of cyber intelligence and cyberwarfare are two aspects to be considered very carefully in the near future.

Author: Joaquín Ruiz Díaz


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Cybercrime: Is terrorism future?
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