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Mali: Decisive and forceful military response of France to stop the advance jihadist (DIEEEA06-2013)

On January 9, jihadist insurgents launched an offensive from their sanctuary in northern Mali, towards the national capital, Bamako. After Konna's capture by the terrorists and their advance to Mopti, president Traore asked for help to France. The national military forces were unable to repel the aggression, and the stability of the entire country was seriously threatened. One day later, France began to the Operation Serval. In the field, the French forces supported Army units Mali; by air, warplanes attacked the jihadist logistics bases and training camps.
The International Community has endorsed the France’s forceful military action, which has proved decisive in curbing the jihadist advance. Meanwhile, ECOWAS and the European Union have accelerated the establishment of their missions: AFISMA and EUTM Mali. The forces of West African countries have begun to arrive in Bamako, while the deployment of European mission is expected in mid-February. In the near future, coordination and mutual support of all this international effort will be the key factors to eliminate terrorist sanctuaries which, from the north of the country, threaten the stability of the entire region.

Author: Jesús Díez Alcalde


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