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Christians in the Middle East (II) (DIEEEA18-2015)

The situation of Christians in the Middle East is clearly today very difficult. In Iraq, ancient Mesopotamia, the land of Abraham, Christianity seems doomed to extinction, while in Syria the situation is looking more and more like that of Iraq, with a growing exile of Christians to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, this two countries also very unstable. The recent killing of Coptic Christians on the beaches of Sirte, seems to indicate an uncertain future for the largest Christian community that still exists in the East, a region wherein the rise of radical Islam, coupled with low birth rates and emigration, have caused a rapid decline of Christian religious communities that for centuries had successfully resisted invasions, empires and processes often bloody of decolonization. If a remedy is not provided to improve this situation, it is very possible that, in the land that gave birth to Christian faith, this once flourishing religious group becomes a residual phenomenon, devoid of sufficient size and density to ensure the religious diversity necessary to prevent that Middle East is uniformed by fanaticism.

Author: Ignacio Fuente Cobo


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Christians in the Middle East (II) (DIEEEA18-2015)
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