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Elections in Nigeria: Buhari's victory and future challenges (DIEEEA20-2015)

Following the presidential elections held on 28 and 29 March in Nigeria, the democratic victory of the Muslim Muhammadu Buhari is encouraging news, and has meant the first peaceful alternation of power in the African first economic and demographic power. By the moment, despite many detractors, there is a palpable optimism in the country. "Our nation faces many challenges: insecurity, corruption of elect president, economic decline – the elect president said in his first speech after the elections. I promise to do my best to address these problems”. After May 29th, when the official relay occurs, Buhari will have to show that, in addition to his proven intent, also has ability to do so. So far, more than 12 million Nigerians have confident in that will change many things, but it would be very detrimental that all Nigeria had to wait too long to see that this is more than words.

Author: Jesús Díez Alcalde


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