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Kosovo. The road to ...? (I) (DIEEEA21-2015)

Kosovo, or Kosovo-Metohija according to serbian terminology, represents an area of great importance for the serbs as for the Albanians. This areas has been found, for centuries, in the context of empires and powers who have fought for it well into the twentieth century.
Established as a province of Serbia within Yugoslavia, and always maintaining a link by ethnically reasons to Albania –but with a big difference in living standards- during the time of Tito was reaching, progressively, higher levels of competences and autonomy.
After the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, by not being met their expectations, abandons the path of peaceful segregation to finish generating a war from which will emerge one Kosovo de facto separated from Serbia and protected by the international community.

Author: Pedro Sánchez Herráez


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Kosovo. The road to ...? (I) (DIEEEA21-2015)
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