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To understand the jihadist phenomenon (DIEEEA28-2015)

To understand the jihadist phenomenon in its contemporary meaning, it is necessary to study the internal struggles that have undermined the Muslim world since its inception. It is analyzing the nature of jihadism and placing the Islam in its historical, social, political and religious context, the best way to prove that it is not a product arising from spontaneous generation, nor it is the result of political mistakes made in the modern times, or the logical consequence of the injustices that plague Muslim societies. On the contrary it responds to some root causes that have shaped the Islam throughout history. It is therefore necessary to break through the historical analysis, the jihadist discourse that justifies the execution of terrorist acts on the basis of democratic systems´ demonization and the de-humanization of all those considered outside the Islamic law. Only Insisting on the historical facts, it will be possible to de-construct the idea deemed as indisputable, that explains jihadist terrorism as a defensive reaction of the Islam, almost as a necessity, from political of aggression carried out both by the West, and the Arab states themselves.

Author: Ignacio Fuente Cobo


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To understand the jihadist phenomenon (DIEEEA28-2015)
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