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Violence and human being (DIEEEA32-2015)

Power, violence and life are integrated into the human being whose interaction with the environment is contentious. This complexity is increased in the social field since, violence is a form of natural relationship because it is useful and this is why is prohibited. However, violence between groups is not a natural common phenomenon.
At the pinnacle of violence, war is a human fact and as such affected by psychological elements; and the human is not pure rationality. In this sense war is not an ethical act, or just and economic..., even military. Is a political act, the balance of power, so that any analysis to be performed regardless of this fact, it is referred to only one of the facts of analysis, and so it is incomplete.
¿Will war disappear from our world? Probably not, because it have a sense that it is not the violence with which it is carried out but the political discourse to which it serves. Violence is a mere instrument.

Author: Federico Aznar Fernández-Montesinos


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Violence and human being (DIEEEA32-2015)
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