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Egypt, anniversaries, and capital punishment. Prospective and possible solutions (DIEEEA39-2015)

During June-July 2015 there have been a series of events that may affect the security of Egypt, the most populous Arab country, with the largest armed forces, and the backbone of the Arab world. The anniversary of the removal of President Morsi, the anniversary of access of Al Sisi to the presidency on June the 8th , 2014, the death sentence imposed on the former president, democratically elected, Mohamed Morsi, and the assassination of General Prosecutor of Egypt are events seem to herald the end of a cycle that begins with the riots of February 2011.
You cannot predict where this vicious circle will take us in the future, with the Muslim Brotherhood radicalized and with little popular support; increasing violence began in the Sinai region, where support for the terrorism of Hamas is clear, and is spreading throughout the country, as evidenced by the recent attack on the Italian Consulate in Cairo; with Turkey and Qatar supporting HM, while Saudi Arabia might represent the last hope of mediation to achieve a negotiated solution.

Author: Emilio Sánchez de Rojas Díaz

© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies