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Macedonia: A secular conflict zone (DIEEEA47-2015)

Macedonia, a small country located in the heart of the Balkans, is, given the difficult terrain in the area, of fundamental importance to allow the flow of people and resources to and from Europe.
This old reality has had great influence in the development of a rich and complex history that is marked by wars over control of the territory –for the larger area known as Macedonia region in which this nation is included- of such intensity that in the nineteenth century the term “Macedonian question” is coined as a way to define an array of quasi-permanent disputes.
A brief review of the dynamics of this land, culminating in the birth of today´s Macedonia, and formulating a question in the framework of the final conclusions, provide the backbone of the present analysis.

Author: Pedro Sánchez Herráez


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Macedonia: A secular conflict zone (DIEEEA47-2015)
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