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EU-Sahel. Regional Action Plan (2015-2020) (DIEEEA50-2015)

The EU has been concerned by the deteriorating political, security, humanitarian and human rights situation in the Sahel region since the early 2000s. The European Union formulated a broad approach in its EU Strategy for Security and Development in the Sahel (2011), setting out specific aspects of a «comprehensive approach» where security and development are both necessary and complementary objectives, and where military and civilian tools may be of use. The Action Plan was adopted by Ministers of Foreign Affairs on April, the 20th 2015. The plan reinforces the EU's focus on their key priorities for the coming five years, thus the EU reiterates its readiness to continue working closely with the Sahel countries, on the assumption that the challenges in the Sahel require a regional response.

Author: Juan Alberto Mora Tebas


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