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The review of the British Defense: A measure of its strategic ambition (DIEEEA52-2015)

The politics of defense of the United Kingdom is gathered in the Security and Defense Strategic Review (SDSR) that, together with the Strategy of National Security (NSS), must be considered to be the most important documents of strategy that the British government publishes. Both check from time to time the threats that the United Kingdom has to address, the capacities it needs to tackle them and, consistently, the changes in the configuration of the structure of the Armed Forces to properly address these challenges. British defense policy is being reviewed in these moments and the definitive results have not been released yet. However there are enough indications, of where the new expositions go. It seems evident that the evolution of the economic situation and the capacity of his armed forces to play a relevant role in the conflicts of the future will be the key elements that will mark the British determination in order to satisfy its strategic ambitions and to fulfill its defense policy.

Author: Ignacio Fuente Cobo


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