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Security and defense in Germany (DIEEEA56-2015)

Germany´s security and defense policy has been characterized by a very weak showing identity. Until recently, Germany has been the persistent expression of continuity reflected in a culture of extreme military containment, regardless of the political dimension of the ruling party at any time. Unlike other fields of national power - as it is the economic one-, where it has not hesitated to exercise the European leadership Germany has refrained from doing so in the security field. However, in recent times, it seems to have aroused in the German political elites a greater awareness on defense issues. They have started to understand that a so strict self-restraint and the lack of a genuine own national security policy, has prevented Germany from being the true master of its own destiny, while it has missed at the same time many opportunities to support its allies in the European Union and NATO. But this situation is rapidly changing. Gradually, German society is getting more aware that the nation has become the main European power and a Country closely connected to global networks. In present circumstances, Germany must do more to ensure the global security than what it has been provided for decadas.

Author: Ignacio Fuente Cobo


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Security and defense in Germany
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