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Taiwan, the beautiful island and the "end of history" (DIEEEA35-2016)

Last Friday, May 20, Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) was sworn in as president of the Republic of China, pronouncing the inaugural speech, in which she established his vision of the main challenges for Taiwan, a society installed in the modernity, facing the continuous dialectic of personal dignity, which seeks to transcend the Westphalian principle of state recognition. A first speech of 3,700 words in which democracy voice is repeated up to 14 times, peace 11, economy and youth 10, justice 9, "cross-strait" and World 6, security 3, United States, Japan, Europe, India and ASEAN 1, and the name People's Republic of China and the term independence none.

Regarding the use of the name Taiwan and the Republic of China to refer to the country, the first appears 45 times, while the official name is used on 5 occasions, regarding the oath as the 14th president of the Republic of China, three times in relation to the constitution as the basic political foundation, and once reaffirming her responsibility to safeguard the sovereignty and territory of the Republic of China.

Author:  Ignacio José García Sánchez


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Taiwan, the beautiful island and the "end of history
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