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American bases in Japan under threat of North Korean attack (DIEEEA18-2017)

On March 6, 2017, North Korea launched four ballistic missiles that reached the Sea of Japan. For several years, North Korea has launched SCUD ER and No-Dong missiles from different parts of the country. The Korean People's Army knows that the missiles work perfectly. The throws are now military exercises to train attacks against certain targets. North Korea has shown that it can reach Japan and the American bases in the south of the country with a saturation attack of the anti-missile shield currently deployed. Both the United States and Japan understand that the launch clearly demonstrates that North Korea has reached a new level of threat.

On the other hand, North Korea understands that the new OPLAN 5015 and the joint maneuvers of the United States and South Korea called "FOAL EAGLE" threaten their security because they are associated with possible preventive attacks. North Korea's response has been to demonstrate that it is also ready to launch pre-emptive strikes against American bases in Japan. The two sides are speeding up two trains thrown at each other and neither seems to want to stop them.

Meanwhile, the United States has begun deploying in South Korea the new THAAD anti-missile system that has provoked protests from China.

Author: Andrés González Martín


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