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Confucius and the world to come (DIEEEA24-2017)

The transformative fast track of the world is witnessed by the various attempts to look throughout the global trends. It should allow us to glimpse the direction of the change. The whole human life feel this vertigo, as if from a flight downhill, into the unknown, without brakes and with little chance of changing the course of events, we were demanding to forecast the future to avoid the inevitable.

Technology, communication and information are the Trojan horses that introduce us surreptitiously into unknown and unexplored worlds. More than ever, it seems necessary to recover the thoughts, the world of ideas, the political philosophy, the spirit of the Nature, a whole doctrinal body that refers to the historical reason of humanity, its development and progress.

Confucius is part of that world by his own merits. Although, there have been multiple attempts to silence it and, probably, there will be more in the future, it does not seem possible that this happens, or better would never happen. Ideas are our heritage and mark our future as a cultural genetic code whose knowledge must make us freer and allow us to reconcile ourselves with that uncertain and gloomy future that overwhelms us.

Author: Ignacio J. García Sánchez


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Confucius and the world to come
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