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Migration in the Euro-Mediterranean space: possible scenarios (DIEEEA32-2017)

The phenomenon of migration is one of the major themes of the political and social debate in Europe and it is the subject that better explains issues such as the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the increase of nationalist pressures in a number of European Union States, or the xenophobic trends that are being installed in large sectors of European societies. The debate on migration affects not only the European Union but also the entire Euro-Mediterranean area, and the risks associated with today's high levels of migration form a relevant part of the current geopolitical scenario. Migration is seen as a social problem in which citizens have divided their views on the quality and quantity of aid that should be provided by each country, but also as a necessity in a Europe with very low birth rates and a continent that needs to satisfy the demands of its labor market. It is therefore necessary to identify the possible scenarios given that the reasons that motivate migrants to leave their countries of origin and go to Europe are expected to stay in the coming years.

Author: Ignacio Fuente Cobo


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