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Migrations in the Euro-Mediterranean area: causes and prospects for the future (DIEEEA53-2017)

Migration has become one of the great geopolitical phenomena of our time affecting the entire Euro-Mediterranean basin. The risks associated with the current high levels of migration and the difficulty of managing them form a relevant part of the current political debate. Migration is seen as a social problem in which citizens have divided their views on the quality and quantity of aid that should be provided by each country, but also as an opportunity in European states with very low birth rates and a growing need to satisfy the demands of their labor market and ensure the survival of their welfare state and even their own societies. Trends indicate that migration will continue to be an unstoppable geopolitical phenomenon in the coming years and its effects will become increasingly evident and more intense, however much the European Union and the affected States try to cushion them, manage them reasonably, or make them less dangerous, less complicated, or less expensive. In a Europe undergoing a process of increasing aging and whose societies seem to have given up natality, the recent population movements anticipate a worrying future of increasing migratory flows wherein Africa is called to play the leading role.


Author:  Ignacio Fuente Cobo



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