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Russian Federation and radical jihadism (DIEEEA56-2017)

The Russian Federation is seriously threatened by militant jihadism. Russia is not only the second European country, behind Turkey, in terms of number of victims, having also deeping roots in Northern Caucasus, but its national and territorial cohesion can be seen rather weakend if extremism currently spreads across all the Muslim communities of the country. On the other hand, Moscow has positioned itself militarily in the Middle East in order to strenth its position of great power as well as contain the expansion of jihadist cancer.

By the end of autumn, the wars in Syria and Iraq will have removed the self-proclaimed Islamic State territorial control over those countries, opening up an opportunity to fight it. In the post-conflict scenario, the Kremlin will have to play its cards right against both Washington and its allies that strongly distrust Moscow. Everybody will lose if a formula of collaboration with Russia in the Middle East is not founded. The dilemma is served!

Author: José Pardo de Santayana Gómez de Olea


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Russian Federation and radical jihadism
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