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The Colombian post-conflict: uncertainty in front of an election year (DIEEEA06-2018)

The conflict with the FARC-EP in Colombia has entered a critical phase: the application of the agreements signed in Havana. It might seem that the application of the agreements would be purely mechanical, but no expert will miss the complexity of a period where a series of measures must be applied, ranging from the political, with an electoral process under way, through agrarian reform, until reaching the military aspects, where disarmament and demobilization have achieved remarkable success, but to complete the DDR process it should face a reintegration that is the key to success.

The complex peace process initiated with the ELN, another insurgent group, with which the Colombian state maintains a war that is even older than that of the FARC, the actions of the dissidents of the FARC itself, and of the criminal gangs. The Trump administration on the increase in the production and trafficking of drugs, with a possible reduction in economic aid, or the paralysis of certain EU development projects, show us a more realistic picture of a very complex reality.

Author: Emilio Sánchez de Rojas Díaz


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