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Jihadism in the Sahel: The expansion of the dark threat (DIEEEA12-2018)

Although they are not in a position to militarily compromise the concerted action of the regional military forces, external powers and international organizations operating in the Sahel region, terrorist groups show an increasing ability to carry out military attacks and maintain a strong presence in the media and in social networks. In addition, the ability of extremist ideologies to gain adherents among Muslim communities that feel subjected to historical grievances and the high profitability of the criminal enterprises they control favor their recovery from military setbacks and, at the same time, they are a powerful source of inspiration for other groups that try to imitate them. This, together with the possibility of forming new alliances between extremist organizations that can translate into spectacular attacks inside and outside the region in a race to win the public of potential recruits and gain a greater presence in the international media, makes it necessary to examine the evolution of the extremist groups in the Sahel that are in the orbits of Al Qaeda and the Daesh, as well as the complicated political, economic and military game in which they are currently involved. It is about identifying their strategies, analyzing their resilience and assessing their chances of surviving the concerted action of regional governments and the international community itself, committed to preventing the center of gravity of global jihadist action from moving to this complex region.

Author: Ignacio Fuente Cobo


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Jihadism in the Sahel: The expansion of the dark threat
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