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The 2020s. The future is not written. Reflections on the evolution of strategic thinking.- Federico Aznar Fernández-Montesinos.

The 2020s will be dominated by globalization and the cultural expansion of Anglo-Saxon thought. Thought is a necessity of our societies that should not only be always imported because it carries inside the own references. Anyway, attention should be paid to foreign debates. Own production must be favoured, also and especially at the military level. Strategy is an art that requires references and a specific sensitivity that is closely related to history and philosophy and must be cultivated.
The role of the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies and CESEDEN as a whole is called to be capital in the elaboration and dissemination of Spanish thought; multidisciplinarity is a key issue in 21st century study. Its success and increasing relevance, is explained because there is an important demand for this kind of work as a result of globalization and the overcoming clichés of the past.

Document Written by Federico Aznar Fernández-Montesinos. Analyst of IEEE.

Note: The full document is only available in Spanish.



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