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Astropolitics in a post-pandemic world.- José Ignacio Castro Torres.

Since globalization began, state powers have struggled to be in an advantage position in the looming space race. Private organizations and actors have joined this competition, motivated by huge benefits they can obtain from outer space. However, resources’ exploitation and transportation, coupled with space control and nuclear proliferation risk, is shaping a spatial militarization. It is possible that the COVID-19 pandemic will serve as a catalyst for many events taking place on a global level, and one of them may be the massive use of the outer space, seeking new opportunities in a crisis-defined risk situation.

Document written by: Jośe Ignacio Castro Torres. COR.ET.INF.DEM Doctor en Estudios de Paz y Seguridad Internacional. Analista del IEEE

Note: the full text document is only available in spanish.

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Astropolitics in a post-pandemic world.
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