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Geopolitical effects of COVID-19: situation point.- José Luis Pontijas Calderón.

The pandemic of the virus SARS-CoV-2 (called COVID-19) will affect the international system in its economic and geopolitical aspects, but the subsequent economic crisis will also affect nations: their position in the aforementioned system and internally their societies. Globalization, which has been on the rise for decades, has been experiencing a decline that the pandemic will enhance. Reports and analyses that specialists and organizations are providing find many points of agreement. The objective of this study is to list these points of coincidence, to obtain results from them.

Document written by José Luis Pontijas Calderón. Artillery Colonel, Staff Diploma.
Analyst of Euroatlantic Security of IEEE. PhD in Applied Economy (Univ. Alcalá de Henares).

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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Geopolitical effects of COVID-19: situation point.
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