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Reflections on the Yazidi genocide.- Federico Aznar Fernández-Montesinos.

This work corresponds to the paper presented at the International Seminar ‘Europe against genocides 1915-2015’ held at the Rey Juan Carlos University last February. The Yazidis are a Kurdish minority of this equally minority religion living in the Middle East. They have been persecuted for centuries. In August 2014, Daesh troops took over the region, surprising the Yazidis killing about 5,000 men, kidnapping between 5,000 and 7,000 children (educated as soldiers) and women (over 9 years old) who were reduced to slavery as well as hundreds of miles of refugees.

Document written by Federico Aznar Fernández-Montesinos. Analyst of IEEE.

Note: the full text document is only available in spanish. 

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Reflections on the Yazidi genocide.
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