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The nature of the Libyan chronic instability aggravated since 2011 and its consequences (DIEEEINV11-2016)

Our contribution is mainly dealing with the actors involved in the political and security evolution of Libya since 2011, and with the consequences of the deterioration of security in domestic and international terms. This 1,7 million square kilometers is an enormous and almost empty country, with the most important oil reserves in Africa and with an enormous amount of Islamic State (IS/ DAESH) militants, around 5,000 and growing.
Given that the situation is very volatile at the moment of concluding our chapter, the study of the actors playing relevant roles and of the factors affecting the situation are demanding a continuous up-dating. Nevertheless, the key-issues explaining the way in which the actors do play their roles and the relevance of the factors are useful in order to provide a complete vision of the situation. In sum, this contribution together with that of the Italian contributor provide the reader with a global vision on how Libya has changed since 2011, with dramatic consequences for the country and for the región.

Author: Carlos Echeverría Jesús.

© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies