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Illicit trafficking and organized crime at sea: challenges ahead 2050.- Isabel Lirola Delgado

The purpose of this document is to identify the challenges posed by different types of illicit trafficking which, through organized crime networks, make the sea their means of transport. This is done from a legal-international perspective and on the temporal horizon 2050. With this objective, based on the examination of a series of circumstances which confirm that they will remain one of the major threats to maritime security on a global scale, the analysis of one of the biggest challenges for the prevention and punishment of these criminal activities is addressed. Namely we focus on the need for an appropriate regulatory framework to overcome deficiencies and gaps in the current one. Thus, assuming the inadequacy of exclusively repressive approaches and the need to act in a preventive way on the elements that are likely to function as a breeding ground for this type of maritime crimes, we detect some of the problems that hinder and impede the effectiveness of the set of instruments of the law of the Sea and International Criminal Law that are presently applicable.

Author: Isabel Lirola Delgado


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