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Internet of Things. Horizon 2050.-Víctor Manuel Brea Sánchez

Internet of Things (IoT) is a new paradigm by which all things are interconnected. Thing is defined as any element that can have network access. Robots, home appliances or people with their mobile phones are examples of things in IoT. The big amount of things in the IoT net yields the so-called hyperconnectivity. This leads to many challenges in every layer of IoT, this is, the perception or sensing layer, the network and communications layer, the service layer, and the application layer, as well as in their collective behavior. As a summary, we can state that two of the most difficult challenges in IoT lie in complying with both time response and network service for a given service request within a short enough time, and in guaranteeing security and privacy of personal data. Finally, it should be noted that IoT paves the way for new applications in fields as Internet of Buildings, Internet of Energy, Internet of Vehicles, wealth and well-being, etc. Also, IoT will have a clear socioeconomic impact. The increasingly automation of industrial processes with a likely cut of low-qualified jobs, but most likely with less outsourcing is a clear example of this. All these issues are addressed in this document.

Author:  Víctor Manuel Brea Sánchez


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Internet of Things. Horizon 2050
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