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Is the trialogue unfreezing? European Union, Serbia and Kosovo.- Beatriz Cózar Murillo.

2020 comes forward as a key year for the future of the Western Balkans. The European Union has a new opportunity to get Belgrade and Pristina to restart bilateral talks after several years in which the situation has only got worse. These were years of political instability and fragile dialogue which led to an impasse in the implementation of the agreements adopted thanks to the role of the European Union. The controversial decisions taken by Kosovo and the possible solution to the dispute will be analysed in depth in this paper, as well as the role of old and new actors in the region. Achieving progress on the path of integration of Serbia and Kosovo is presented as an arduous task for the new European leaders in a context marked by the need to regain credibility in the Western Balkans and the uncertainty of the post-Covid-19 scenario.


Document written by Beatriz Cózar Murillo. Doctorate student in Law and Politic Science. Universidad Pablo de Olavide,

© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies