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Disability, Human Security and Armed Forces (DIEEEO76-2012)

The main goal of this work is to explore the relationship between disability issues and the notion of human security within the specific context of the Spanish military forces. The work begins with a general approach to the notion of human security in order to continue with an introduction to the development of disability issues within the framework of the United Nations. A development characterized by the paradigm shift from a medical to a social model of disability enshrined as legal international obligations at the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Further on, the work tries to build bridges between disability and human security in order to identify existing legal obligations upon the Spanish State both within its military forces as well as in relation to its military actions both within and outside Spanish territory. To conclude, the works devotes special attention to assess the legal content of the duty to protect persons with disabilities in the light of international law.

Author: Miguel Ángel Cabra de Luna and Francisco José Bariffi


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Disability, Human Security and Armed Forces
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