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Pakistan, a hope on the Brink (DIEEEO56-2013)

These were historical elections, the first in Pakistan where a civil government passes to another civil government after completing a full term, without military interferences. There has been also much more participation than five years ago. The Pakistani have challenged the threats of the Taliban and went massively to the polls. The new prime minister is an old known of the Pakistani policy: Nawaz Sharif, leader of the PLMN (Muslim League of Pakistan) was already chief of government twice in the nineties. The awaited debacle of the Popular Party of Pakistan, of the dead Benazir Bhutto, was consummated. And the effect Imran Khan, the former criket player who leads the PTI, was converted from a tsunami to a little wave that, nevertheless, should be paid attention in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa where his party won. With a comfortable majority, people hope that Sharif could avoid the fall in the abyss and confront the big challenges that has put his country on the brink.

Author: Pilar Requena del Río


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Pakistan, a hope on the Brink
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