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UNIFIL, an important role for the stability and security in the Middle East (DIEEEO96-2013)

The situation and data provided in this article correspond to the time period January 2010 - January 2102 . At that time the author of this article served as Head of Mission and Force Commander of UNIFIL . From then until now there have been some changes in the situation in the region and in particular in the AOR of UNIFIL: The Syrian conflict and direct involvement of Hizbullah in it, one of the main contributing countries has reduced its number of troops and the European Union has declared the militia Hizbullah as a terrorist group. All this can complicate compliance and operational activities related to the population because the mission UNIFIL deployed in an area where the population is predominantly Shiite and therefore akin to that party.
Nevertheless , UNIFIL 's mandate has not changed and therefore its mission and objectives have not been any changes so that everything stated in this article , including the findings , is valid today , having produced advances in those and being able to ensure that , now more than ever , their presence is absolutely necessary to play an important role for the stability and security in the area.

Author: Alberto Asarta Cuevas

© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies