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Some historical relevant elements in the relations Ukraine - Russia (DIEEEO114-2014)

Ukraine is a country with historical ties to Russia even former Ukrainian nationalist element was always present. Certain historical events deeply affected their relationships and feelings between the two peoples, as "holodomor", the transfer of Crimea or the reaction to Chernobyl. But in recent times highlights, in particular, the position of Ukraine in autumn 1991 on their own national identity, a position that had great influence on the final decision of many Soviet Republics and, therefore, the disappearance of the USSR . Since the disintegration of the USSR in fifteen countries, Ukraine is at least nominally a sovereign state, perception of sovereignty that has suffered ups and downs, even from the domestic side, since the moment of the independence itself.
His approach to Europe has not been well supported by Russia, which holds statements that sometimes nostalgically evoke the times of the Russian Empire.
Two popular revolutions in a decade, Moscow reactions using gas supplies as a tool of pressure, democratic progress, setbacks and regressions ... all these facts are of paramount importance not only for the people of Ukraine, but, as is clear and manifest at this time, the supposed second popular revolution has generated a powerful international impact and has opened many questions in a strategic area for the whole world.
To understand its full extent what happens from November 2013 in that area-the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the split from the country of pro Russian secessionist areas, war and conflict humanitarian ... - must be known and analyzed the elements and historical factors that marked Russia-Ukraine relationship, some of which are discussed in this paper.

 Author: Jesús López-Medel Bascones


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