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The European Union before the challenge of the Cybersecurity: The future NIS Directive (DIEEEO122-2014)

The proposed NIS Directive is the first European Union serious attempt to address the challenge of cybersecurity in the current context in which there is a constant concern for security in cyberspace, especially after increasingly frequent security incidents, in many cases caused by government agents. The new Directive is intended to become a coordinated European response to this new threat whose potential risks are innumerable. Its adoption will suppose a very significant number of new obligations, both for Member States and for certain actors, included most of the biggest operators, affecting such important sectors as energy, banking and healthcare.
In addition, States should adapt their administrative structures to these new obligations. Cyberspace is a new field in which those actors who are equipped with the most advanced and effective tools to protect their citizens and their national interests will have a great advantage over those who do not take too seriously the issues related to cybersecurity. That´s the reason why it´s necessary to be at the forefront of this effort, aimed to attain a higher degree of security, certainty and legality.
In relation with our country, Spain, the adoption of the new National Security Strategy and the National Cyber Security Strategy in 2013, is a milestone in this approach. However, in the adoption of this new directive NIS, it will be necessary to adapt the Spanish regulatory and organizational framework, in order to correct some provisions that are not adapted to the new European regulatory context.

Author: Vicente Moret Millás & Ainhoa Uribe Otalora


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