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The Baltic States Ukraine to the crisis. An open stage (DIEEEO69-2014)

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have faced a deep recession due to the financial and mortgage crises in recent years. After being known as the Baltic tigers between 2004 and 2007 they lived a decline in their economies and had to implement drastic reforms to succeed. The present recovery of the Baltic States, however, is affected by the current situation in Ukraine which is having a direct impact on their policies and economies. The national leaders of these countries perceive a potential threat from Russia to their national security and predict an economic recession.
To temporary restrict Russian TV channels “NTV Mir”, RTR Planeta” and “RTR Rossija”, increase defense spending and apply for financial aid from the UE if the economic sanctions against Russia are implemented - are the issues discussed in the Baltic region now. The Russia’s action over the Crimea made feel unconformable the pro-Russian parties in the region. They avoid making hasty statements trying to get over this situation in a best possible way.
The article will discuss the reaction of the Baltic States to the events in Ukraine and underline the proposals coming from their leaders in order to address the potential risks to their economy and security.

Author: Jekaterina Grigorjeva


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