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The identity issue: a serious question in the current European Union (DIEEEO92-2016)

The course of events is negatively impacting the heart of the EU this year: the negotiations with Britain regarding the referendum on its membership, the reaction of the 28 member states to the terrible situation of refugees, the agreement with Turkey in this regard - not to mention the issue of terrorism, which cities like Paris and Brussels have suffered... But it is the answers to these that are a problem and, therefore, they show a quasi-innate inability within the EU to reach agreements and synergies that make it possible to face not only these developments, but also the challenges the enlargement and deepening of the European project pose. To do this, a new framework is needed that defines the European identity in 2016, without this nuclear intangible element, a robust project that is visible to everyone becomes impossible. The current EU is at the crossroads of knowing what it is, what it wants and why, and how it must "dialogue" with identity sensitivities that are struggling to impose their selfish interests against the common project. Without a new sense of identity, the very existence of the EU itself is impossible.

Author: Fernando Martín Cubel


© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies