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Violence in Rio de Janeiro: endemic problem and destabilization factor (DIEEEO124-2017)


Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa make up the so-called BRICS, five emerging economies worldwide. Part of the economic activity of the country is developed in large urban centers, some of them converted into authentic megalopolis like Rio de Janeiro. In this city have coexisted for decades economic strengthed with serious problems of insecurity. This insecurity is mainly found in various criminal groups that maintain a constant struggle with the authorities and among themselves for the control of illicit activities, in which, drug trafficking occupies a prominent place. The violent capacity of these groups, with a large amount of financial resources, a constant flow of candidates willing to form these bands, due in some cases to poor living conditions and easy access to illegal weapons, among which weapons of war abound . This situation is putting the authorities in serious trouble. The police forces have had to resort to the intervention of the armed forces to try to curb or redress the problem of violence in Rio de Janeiro, already important in itself, even more taking into account the serious social consequences of this phenomenon.

Author: Luis Antonio González Francisco


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