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Enhanced Forward Presence, NATO’s deterrent response to the Russian threat (DIEEEO73-2017)

The International Community has noted with worry and suspicion the movements made by Russia in its area of ​​influence in the last years. While it is understood that the current situation is far from leading to an armed conflict, there is growing uneasiness on the Eastern flank of the Atlantic Alliance. That is why at last year's NATO summit in Warsaw it was agreed to carry out the Enhanced Forward Presence mission with the aim of dissuading Russia from possible adventures similar to those it carried in Ukraine. Spain, as a NATO member, has taken on a leading role in sending troops and tanks to one of the countries where the mission will be deployed, Latvia. This mission has been received with relief among the Baltic states, with a very recent past under Soviet occupation and wishing to consolidate the road to the West that began in 1991.

The objective of this analysis is defined in four points: to explain what the mission consists of, to indicate how the cooperation between the battalions will be, to detail the Spanish deployment and to approach the reality of the three Baltic states.

Author: Ricardo Lenoir-Grand Pons


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