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Strengthening Egypt in the international system (DIEEEO11-2018)

Egypt has managed to become, in the few years of Sisi's presidency, the Middle East actor who maintains better relations with the rest of relevant actors in the region, increasing, as well, its external influence and its contribution to regional stability. Sisi’s regime has pursued the most reasonable foreign policy for Egypt, by using the country’s strategic weight to obtain compensations from both sides of the current bipolar power system in the Middle East, around the USA and Russia. President Nasser’s regional leadership during the Cold War is yet to be reached by today’s Egypt, focused on its internal stability and on conflicts of direct interest as in Libya. In the mid-term, if Egypt keeps the external balance between the USA and Russia, its influence in the Middle East and Africa could become considerable. The other unknown for Egypt’s external influence lies in the internal support to Sisi’s regime, only possible in the long term through an authentic socioeconomic development. This would additionally promote Egyptians’ moderation and therefore democratic progress in the regime.

Author: Manuel Mª Jiménez Rodríguez


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Strengthening Egypt in the international system
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