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The use of the Brazilian Armed Forces in Law and Order Guarantee operations (DIEEEA14-2018)

Brazil, and especially its large cities, is going through a difficult situation regarding the issue of Public Security, at which time crime has grown and is becoming more organized, in contrast to the delicate financial situation of a large part of the Brazilian States, which makes effective actions more difficult to combat this worrisome scenario.

The Federal Government, to support these Brazilian states in overcoming the situation, has authorized the use of the Armed Forces in specific actions and with well-defined objectives, in order to reestablish a safe environment for its population. The use of the Armed Forces has led to various needs for adaptation, such as laws, training, employment and the way in which the forces act and greater integration with Public Security bodies.

The use of the Armed Forces in this type of operation has well-defined objectives, limited time and through punctual actions, seeking to reestablish a safe environment for the Brazilian population of the area. In order to fulfill the missions received, operations were carried out in several states of Brazil and, especially, in Río de Janeiro, where the intervention of Pacification Forces took place, as in the regions of Alemão, de la Penha and de la Maré, who performed for a longer period.

Author: Juarez Guina Fachina Junior


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