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IT Portfolio (DIEEEO27-2018)

The Digital Transformation strategy of organizations implies a permanent dynamic of changes in most of its processes and activities. However the development of projects and programs of Information Technology aligned with corporate strategy is required to carry out these changes.

On the one hand, in the management of Information Technologies, it is necessary to discriminate the project management activities from the services management ones, identifying the common grounds and the shared information. Therefore, it is essential to acquire skills in project management.

However, the management of individual projects isn’t enough; it is also necessary to maintain a continuous alignment of all the projects with the overall strategy of the organization. Therefore, a global and integrated vision of all the corporate projects of Information Technology is required. Consequently, it will be necessary to incorporate Program Management and Project Portfolio Management skills; the Project Management Office (PMO) is a key functional structure to provide coherence, alignment with corporate governance, standardization, resources and tools common to the Portfolio Management of the organization.

In the particular case of the Government Sector, the procurement process of goods and services belong to the extensive list of the management processes that articulates the different project management frameworks, but they should not constitute the core processes that serve as a guide to obtain the products or services resulting from a project.

Author:  Jesús Gómez Ruedas


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IT Portfolio
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