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The situation of democratic political regimes in the UE: Reflections on a changing present (DIEEEO30-2018)

Democracy is the expression of the firm will of our societies that are integrated in the space of the EU, within it there is a wide wealth of rights as well as duties that make up the essential basis of it. An unmistakable reality of the development of our countries of the European project has been undoubtedly thanks to the maturity of the current democratic models in their different versions. However, with the outbreak of the economic and financial crisis of 2007, problems have begun to emerge that show the challenges that are facing today: Corruption, political disaffection, emergence of political currents that deny the value of democracy, the separation between political action and citizen aspirations, inefficiency in decisions.., among other. The current work tries to approach this reality and be a mere framework for reflection on a questionable and worrying not only at the local and national level but also in the future of the EU itself, such as the lack of progress in the responses that the current European democracies must give the internal challenges they face.

Author: Andrés González Martín


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