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European Defence: The End of the Paradigm and the Risks of Getting Carried Away (DIEEEO71-2018)

We are witnessing a confluence of trends that could lead to a drastic reconfiguration of the European security and defence architecture. On the one hand, NATO's difficulties in adapting to current times are increasingly evident, while on the other hand, controversial decisions of the current US Administration are generating a considerable tension in transatlantic relations. At first glance, a natural solution to this situation could come with the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU and the consequent unblocking of certain initiatives in the field of the common security and defence policy. However, for certain reasons the horizon of an autonomous European defence, as it is built nowadays, is incompatible with NATO. Progressing towards that horizon could be beneficial for some, but not necessarily for all the allies, in general, nor for Spain in particular. Moreover, our country could be the most interested one in keeping alive the transatlantic link looking for compatibility between both organizations. And for this, it is necessary to adopt a more assertive position with our allies, rethink the terms in which we conceive the armies and, ultimately, undertake a determined approach towards the defence of our genuine interests.

Author:  Miguel Peco Yeste


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